Sunday, 20 May 2012

Level 3, Cross Section 3

  Level 3 - Cross Section 3 (Original)
  Level 3 - Cross Section 3 (Paper 1)
This is the third cross section/non rotating room in a row now, should there not be more of the rotating rooms interspersed, seeing as the games called Spin Doctor?
The player starts at the bottom door and must work there way left too where they can jump up to the platforms above and then over to the exit on the right. There is also a note to be collected on the bottom floor. 
Following the movement rules set for Paper Doctor the player can easily cut out most of the room by jumping up to the platforms above from just near the entrance door. Players doing this would miss out on the collectible note but could probably finish the room in less than five seconds. It would be best if this was not possible and the player had to follow the intended route. I'll follow up with a revised layout to see how it could be done. I'll also move the exit door to the back wall.

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