Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mind Factory Research

Dr Gunther Von Hagens -
Cut though's of human heads (visual ref)
The B-Spec race mode in gran turismo was more a race management mode. Each race would play out in real time with the player having no direct control of their car, only able to issue basic commands and direction to the driver. Over time the driver improved and won more races etc..
The main view would display lot of information on the race with some basic commands available for the player as well as a complete view of the race as shown above.
A similar method would be used in People Pilots, except with a first person view from the human.
The GT BSpec comparison is actually a pretty good, consider swapping out these elements:
Car = HumanRace = The humans daytrack = surroundings
Corners/ Other racers = Challenges for human (mental/physical)
Car stats (tyres/speed/fuel/gear/position) = Human stats (heart rate/temp/hunger/thirst/tired/o2)
The player essentially takes on a management role like in GT but with more action for the player, having to respond to events etc.
X-Com Enemy Unknown 
The ant farm/base view in the new xcom
This was part of the inspiration behind the idea, the side on view of the base with all the different departments just looks so cool.
The same 3D set up could be used for the side head view, allowing for lots of details and depth.
Looking at this base it would be good to match the scale within the head, with lots of large rooms forming the command systems for the human body.
Quick mock up showing the XCom aAnt Farm within a head setting

Ftl has a similar sort of set up
On the left you have your ship, a cut through view showing the various rooms/systems
                This is sort of like how the human head would be, but not top down, and in 3D, but 2D.
On the right is the enemy ship, these are only shown when there is one present, shots fired from either ship are displayed appropriatley in each view.
                This secondary view of the enemy ship is like what the First Person view would be, except that would be permanently visible.
Original XCom
In the original xcom when not in battle the player had a world view where they would manage the base and wait for any sign of enemy activity. Sometimes there could be quite a wait for anything to happen, especially early game. To counter this you could control how quickly time would pass, ranging from 5 second to 1 day intervals.
In people Pilots a similar time mechanic could be used to get through tedious part of the humans day. Example, to walk to work the player would set up the systems accordingly and the human would walk happily along. It could be a long walk so the player can speed up time until they reach another event where systems management is required.