Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Iterative Paper Level Design - Level 3, Room 1

Level 3 - Room1 (Original)
Level 3 - Room1 (Paper 1)
I drew out the level and played through as per the established rule set.

 I tried at first to play without referring to the walk-through but soon need to clarify where the player enters and exits the room as well as what each of the switches did. I think I struggled to spot the exit as it did not follow the more standard door shape used in the earlier levels, will this be an issue to players? The switches will be fine in game as the player will see what it does on screen, not so easy on paper. 

Overall the level seemed to play out well, I was able to play through with no problem once I knew where the entrance/exit were as well as the function of switches. Can't think of any changes beyond the door thing I mentioned before. There is perhaps a chance the player can get past the spinning blades without shutting there movement off but this would only make for a slight shortcut and would likely be a hard challenge for players. I'll play through a few more times and see if anything else comes to mind.

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