Sunday, 13 May 2012

Level 3, Cross Section 1

 Level 3 - Cross Section 1 (Original)

 Level 3 - Cross Section 1 (Paper 1) 

On starting the level I was drawn to the buttons on the right, they rotate the room shown through the two large windows on the upper half. I rotated the room through all positions out of imaginary interest before moving left to the ladder. Once down the ladder I paused for a moment as I collected the Steam Boots, them moving on to read the sign where I paused again. After reading the sign I jumped around a few times testing the boots out before making the actual jump over the spinning blades. I them jumped over the blades and back a couple of times before exiting the room.

For such a small area there was plenty to distract the player and keep them interested, along with ample room to test out the Steam Boots. The round door and windows also kept a good connection to the rotating room I just left.

My thoughts on changes: The side on door to exit the room doesn't fit with what has been agreed, all door on the back walls. This can easily be changed. I also wondered if it would it be worth including a ledge to steam boot jump too, as a further example of there use?

I'll draw up a second version with the minor changes

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