Sunday, 19 February 2012


The game is set in a re imagined version of modern day Manchester, but with a steam­punk twist. In this reality electricity is never discovered and steam power grows and de­velops to become the main source of power for the world. Along with the dominance of steam power came the rise in use of coal and other fossil fuels to power the engines. Over the years the pollution from vast numbers of dirty furnaces and engines has shrouded the world in a low lying blanket of smog. In order to survive this darkened world, now devoid of plants and trees communities grew around the cities taller structures. The height of these buildings allowed them to reach through the layer of smog to the clear skies above. From here fresh breathable air is fed down to the houses and factories below.
The area around the Beetham Steam tower became one such location, over the year de­veloping into one of the larger inhabitable areas of the country. Now with large perimeter walls to protect its citizens from the lawless inhabitants who roam the barren wastelands. Those who live around the tower, surviving on the air provided by it, are not allowed to leave - for their own safety.
Stories about the smog having gone from areas of the country and talk of plants and trees leads to many conspiracy theories. Many believe that the towers owners are keeping the citizens trapped there for their own means, making money from the clean air they supply, whilst heavily polluting the air in the area to keep the citizens in the dark.
A small group of citizens band together determined to find out the truth, the Shroud Re­sistance.

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