Sunday, 19 February 2012

Location & Environment

I think I covered a lot of this in my previous posts but just cover again. I've pretty much settled on having Beetham tower re-imagined as a steam tower and focal point with the game taking place in the area nearby. Lots of warehouses and factory buildings will sit within a walled compound at its base, with the Gmex building included as a memorable Manchester structure, but acting as a airship hanger/rail station.
The compound around the tower and the tower itself will be the main focus of the game.
The close proximity of these warehouse building and factories within the compound should create a bunch of alley ways, great for atmosphere as well as forcing the player along in a set direction. There should also be a selection of roads where trucks can move around the compound with goods and supplies. Loading areas around the hanger and other warehouse create open spaces to counter the confined alleyways. They will also give a purpose to areas and create a more believable scene.
The environment in general should be pretty gloomy, what with the skies clouded over with thick smog. It could be daytime but it's hard to tell, street lamps would be the main source of illumination.  As a result of the smog I imagine everywhere would be covered in thick layer of soot and grime too, casting everything in a similar tone. To tie with the setting and theme there needs to be numerous chimneys and vents spewing more pollution into the air, lots of pipes too.

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