Sunday, 19 February 2012


- Find a way into the Steam Citadel
- Find a way into the Hanger
- Gather Photo Intelligence (12 available Photo Op Locations)

-Patrolling guards
The player must avoid all contact with the guards guarding the exterior and interior of the compound. If found the level will need to be restarted.

-High perimeter wall
The player must find a way into the compound, this means getting over a very high perimeter wall.

-Moving trucks within compound
If the player is spotted by the driver of a moving truck the guards will be alerted.

- Guards at hanger entrance
The player cannot enter the hanger directly and must find a alternative route in.

-Ladders/Pipes/Overhead wires
At various points the player will need to navigate ladders and pipes between buildings and rooftops, falling from high up can result in death.

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