Sunday, 19 February 2012

Photo Reference

Lots of the images I previously blogged cover the sort of warehouse/factory structures I'm after, heres a few that stood out.

Another shot of the main inspiration and focal point, beetham tower.

 This would be the sort of lighting around the streets, probably the main light source.

 The GMEX would be converted to use as a hanger for airships, it's certainly big enough.
There's also quite a bit of nice detail on the front.

A shot I took a few years ago, it sort of captures the blanket of smog ideas.

More smog related images.

 This kinda shows how i imagined the world above the smog layer, 
open skies and the occasional building reaching through.

The airship shape is very easily recognizable, even from a basic sillouhette. This could work in a dark smoggy world where just its outline describes it so well.

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