Sunday, 22 January 2012

Virtual Stroll

With dark nights still quite early and limited opportunity to take pictures in town during the day I took a virtual stroll with Google Earth. It worked pretty well, not the highest quality images but it allowed me to cover a fair bit of ground without actually moving.

 I like how the empty plot next to this building appears to be overgrown with plants with some even growing on the walls. I think there used to be a building there, wonder why it was knocked down? There are some nice details on the pillars and the ground floor in general.

This shot shows a gated entrance, plus some old and battered elements of the fascia. The iron gate is really quite nice, much more decorative than the purely functional stuff you see today. 

I thought this shot showed a nice contrast between old and new. The large glass building has a very smooth reflective surface, uninterrupted by windows or protrusions, whereas the old structure on the left has lots of details with various ledges and window openings. The scale adds to the effect well too with the new structure looming over the old, almost as if its slowly expanding and will soon consume it.

A very impressive entrance.

A good example of the sort of buildings I think would be commonplace in a steam punk Manchester.

This one looked like it had seen better days, it really stood out though. Lots of nice details make it really interesting, the mixture of signs going back through the years, some windows boarded up some still intact, fly posters on the wall, green algae down the front from prolonged water damage, all round a real grimy feel to it.

 A bit grander than some of the uniform factory building around it.

The amount of windows on these old factory buildings really stood out, I imagine it was all about getting as much light in as possible.  

 Some more decent references on the style of building I feel fit well with the steam punk theme.

 This is the old Fire Station across the road from Piccadilly Station, a really impressive building covered in detail.

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