Sunday, 22 January 2012

More Manchester

I headed into town again yesterday to get some pictures around the northern quarter and try and capture some of the finer details, I took a few pictures while at Piccadilly Station too.

 Most of the intresting and old stuff at Piccadilly is high up above your head where you hardly notice it. The network of riveted beams and supports that hold up the roof is very impressive.

Floral detailing and motifs are used to decorate the roof supports.  

This design was tooked away up high above the pillars, they run the full length of the station but are now mostly obscured by cableing and light fixtures.

 Floral designs are used again to decorate the supports at the top of pillars.

  A close up of the design used at the top of each pillar. Its suprising how much detail went into somthing so high up and likely unseen.

 The design continues at the base of each pillar.

Some nice factory/warehouse buildings. Lots of windows in neat rows.

 Thought this was pretty narrow building, not much like the blocky warehouse like buildings seen above. The alleyway and fire escape were other nice features.

More detail hidden up high.

 Nice mix of grimy building, boarded up windows, fire escape, plant growing from wall and the odd metal thing on top of the building.

 A selection of railings, most of the uprights seemed to be topped with Fleur de Lys type spikes.

 More nice details on these fire escape supports.

This air vent reminded me of some of the gears I saw at the Science and Industry Museum, and Ninja stars.

  Some of the entrances on these old buildings were pretty extravagent. There seemed to be lots of detailing around them, I images as these areas would be seen often they were made to look impressive.


It's not a very old building but I like how the tower block is sort of framed by the buildings in this shot, which in turn draw your eye to the central tower. Perhaps the building could be re imagined in a steam punk style?

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