Monday, 26 September 2011


Another idea for the game! this time inspired by iPhone game Geared.
Instead of placing cogs and gears on screen as a puzzle game, could the player be inside the gears
running around and traversing between them?

Some quick sketches showing how the player may have to navigate between gears.

The world or stages could be made up of many connecting gears or various sizes. Progression would involve jumping between the gears to move along the level.
Different sized cogs or those with different gear ratio's would rotate at different speed, creating a varied challenge.

Cogs may also feature holes from which the player passes from one cog to another, should the player miss the jump or simply fall through the hole its game over.

Sections where stationary gears have to be activated/turned on to allow progress could also be used to add puzzle elements to game play.

Sketch showing how the rotating cog/gear would effect objects within them.

This world of cogs and gears would seem pretty out of place in a Sci-Fi setting and I feel it falls more into a steampunk style aesthetic, tying into a recent post by Gina.

Now imagine running around this!

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